What's In A Name?

Why call it the Green Parrot? We've been frequently asked well here's why, a parrot learns the language of those around him, they become his family, they share love, bring color, laughter & life in homes. 
Our jewelry is designed to capture exactly that. Every one of us has a story, a journey that evolves us, makes us stronger, wiser, more vibrant. Our jewelry celebrates everyone's individuality. 

Our Jewelry is created using Silver metal clay, Wire Weaving /Wrapping & Chainmaille.

Our Studio's Promise

As an artist at heart, each piece I design starts with a sketch inspired by moments, memories, my travels, people I meet and learn from.
I challenge myself by merging various techniques using unique blends of metals, semi precious stones and gemstones to create one of a kind Jewelry piece. 

So when you own a piece of TGPRT jewelry know that there was much love invested in creating, designing and conceptualizing each piece to celebrate you, your special someone or your special moments. 

Principal Designer@TGPRT studios


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Welcome to our Studios we are excited to have you here

We are happy to customize any design or sketch you might have in mind. 
We love to create with our customers. In our studios, our customers help us learn, think out of the box and help us explore in design and techniques to create truly unique jewelry. 

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The Green Parrot 

Green Parrot Studios

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Glen Allen, VA, 23059-1111, US

About us

We are all about handcrafted jewelry. Each design is carefully conceptualized which determines the technique to create a piece using gemstones or semiprecious stones making sure that the jewelry stands out as unique and personal to each client.

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